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Hello friends, MGT211 GDB no.1 solution is required. Please help. Due date is 03 Jun 2020.

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GDB Solution is here:


1. Why it is important to meet the pre-requities of a business?


  • As whenever a business is started some condition must be satisfied before its commencement .
  • Focus on Availabillity of capital to increase your business progress.
  • In case of partnership, the conditions that what will be the ratio of dividend among partner in order to avoid conflict.
  • What will be the liabilities of business in case when business is wound up? Because it doesn’t create any conflict

2. How credit sale could be helpful for a business to boost his business?


  • A business make all it sale for cash but many business make some or even all their sales on credit.
  • To offer credit sale by business is not lose the customer.
  • A major benefit of offerring credit is to increase revenue compared to what revenue would be if all sale were for cash.
  • The customer to whom we offer credit are keep in touch with the business and revenue will increase
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