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Hello Developers! Hope you will be fine... I am working on an app using Cordova framwork. I want to use admob ads in my app , but I am having problems. I searched on it and visited many websites on same topic question, but all of them are no working for my app. The error I get from Admob is: Error Code: 3, No Fill My App's package name is: com.meansflow.ast

The methods I have already tried are listed bellow:

1. Renamed my App name and/or Package name
2. Created another App id and ad codes on admob
3. tried more than 4 cordova admob plugins
4. Built app in release version instead of debug
5. Signed the release version of the app
6. Deleted my admob account and created a new account
7. waited for more than 2 days for ads to be appear on my app.

The above list is the solution that were taken from the google but non of these worked for me. I have used admob, admob pro, admob simple, admob free, admob google and much more plugins. But non of them worked.

Notable points:

1. Testing ads are working fine. When I remove testing tag, it starts giving error.
2. The ads on my other app was working fine but it is not working only on my cordova app.

(Sorry for my bad English) I tried my best to make you understand and I hope you will understand my problem.... If anybody have solution, please help me.

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